Marin Headlands

On one of our short hikes today, we came across this little gem of a bunker while dirt surfing down some loose terrain near Marin Headlands. My goal was to actually find a way down under the Golden Gate Bridge from that side but that didn't happen, however, we land our selves here on our way down to the water. Marin Headlands is known for all of its eerie abandoned bunkers and look-out posts that are scattered all over the area. Most of them are bombed with paint, and some of them are actually homes to the unknown. I opened up one of the steel doors today and I found a camping tent set up inside and others had fire pits and sleeping bags. It's always dope to view graffiti art left from the many passerby's. 

_MG_0517 copy.jpg
_MG_0518 copy.jpg