The Milky Way
Canon 5DM2

Catching the Milky Way was dope. It's crazy what you can see when you look up at the sky when you are far away from big cities. The reason we don't see the number of stars we you do in this photo is due to one main reason, light pollution. Light pollution is exactly what it sounds. Lights from big cities filled with cars, street lights, buildings, etc. light up the sky making it super hard to see stars. If you get far enough from a big city, you begin to see the sky completely flooded with stars. This was pretty amazing being able to see the Milky Way with the naked eye. It was really faint, looked almost as if it was just a cloud floating above. This shot was taken on a 25 second exposure, bringing out even the dimmest stars and of course the vibrant colors of the Milky Way.