Farewell Summer
N. Lake Tahoe

Been wanting to take the two to the beach and it couldn't have landed on a better weekend. It was going to hit 100+ degrees in Sacramento so the first thought was to dip and go somewhere cooler. It was either San Francisco or Tahoe and Tahoe won the decision. Weather was perfect, super warm air with chilly crystal clear water. It was definitely a perfect way to bid farewell to Summer. I found this beach the last time I went on a shooting trip and couldn't wait to take my family here. It's a super nice and secluded beach, not filled with a ton of people.
After our dip in the water, we ended off our day in the rocky area. Super proud of the two for sticking it out on the climb since Elissa was only wear sandals and.. Well the little one is only 5 so a lot of the climb required me just carrying him like a little monkey. Once we got up to the spot, the view is always worth it.