Mantid the Praying Mantis

A couple months back as we were pulling out from our driveway, I had spotted a baby praying mantis chillin on top of the hood of my car. We were gone for a couple of hours and when we came back home, it was still just posted on my car so I thought it would be dope to keep it as a pet. Months later, she has gone through 3 molts (shedding of exterior skin), mated with another mantis we found and named Vito (which was eaten by Mantid after mating.. Cruel huh?), laid two ootheca (egg sacks) and still kicking hard. Mantis usually don't last through the winter because of the cold conditions so it's a good thing she's kept cozy inside our house. These things are amazing pets, very low maintenance and super awesome to watch. I watched her murk a Black Widow that was bigger than her when she was still a little tiny thing, beast.