Yosemite has always been one of those places that i heard about all the time but never really came about to plan a trip to visit. I've seen many photos of this place, i knew it was a beautiful place but just never got around to visiting. so when the guys hit me up and told me they were planning a trip out there and they asked if i wanted to tag along... fuck yea. the lack of planning for the trip definitely made it a love/hate experience but nonetheless, it was fun and of course, we all got some killer photos. 


when it comes to planning trips with my family, I'm the type to plan everything out to the t. i make sure everything is locked in as far as where to sleep, where to eat, places to visit, etc.. it's the man in me (pause) to do so, i feel its my duty to make it as easy-going and enjoyable as possible for my family. for this trip to yosemite with the boys was nothing close. we didn't have a place to stay, we didn't have food, we didn't have service, out in the middle of nowhere with less than 1/16th of a tank of gas, in the cold night.. and you know, i didn't mind too much. mainly because i didn't have to worry about anyone else. god forbid, if it were my family i was with, i would never want them to be hungry.. I would go hunt a bear to feed them if it came down to it but it was just the guys, they can starve for all i care. haha.