many believe that instagram killed photography but that's dumb. if you feel like it killed it, then you just feel threatened by a new wave of creatives. coming from someone who has been shooting before instagram came along, i was fortunate enough to experience what it's done. as a creative, being able to adapt is a matter of life and death. if you fail to adapt, you fail to progress. that's just how i see it. although i do feel that instagram has given birth to a bunch of wannabes, it's also brought out potential from a ton of people and without it, i would not have met some some of these great shooters or i would not have been exposed to such great work. i think one of the best things that came out of instagram is the community it's created. it's dope being able to go out and explore with some of these guys, i always find it exciting to see what kind of photos they end up with in the end. you definitely learn a lot about a person just within a couple hours of shooting, and even more when you see their vision behind the viewfinder. i encourage everyone to just go out and shoot. you grow as an individual and you grow as an artist, that's important.