on our way back from yosemite, we decided to stop at one last spot before the long ride home and I'm sure as hell glad we did because i was able to capture this. a totally unexpected turn out for the milky way to sit directly over a tunnel. i think that's what makes photography fun; the unknown and the unexpected. we all know that we can't rely on perfect weather but thats what makes photography what it is. it's not something you can control, its an uncontrollable medium. you work with something that is constantly changing, for better or for worse,  you have to learn to work with it. it's honestly a race against time, every minute that passes, it's a result for a different photo. you really have to know what you're doing in order to really make the most of your time or else you waste so much of it trying to get the right settings. different times, different locations, different angles, different exposures, different eye. it's all about finding your shot.