maybe it's just me but i feel like as you get older, you slowly start to not like summer so much any more. i think summer is one of those seasons where you only love when you're still in school because it means... no school. summer break is awesome, don't get me wrong but what happens when you're all done with school and you're not into the real world? you can't take summer breaks from your job. life becomes constant once school is over, there is no breaks. you just make time when and where you can, and make the best out of it. winter has always been one of my favorite seasons honestly.  i love the cold, no doubt about that. i grew up in the midwest, single digits and blizzards were not out of the ordinary for me. 

now, I'm more in love with the seasons that prepare for the big seasons; like fall and spring. simply because there is just so much drama nature at the peak of these seasons which makes for amazing photos.