there should always be a story behind every photo. that's what makes a great photo, the story from one single image. that's what i believe at least. i look back at all my photos and i can tell you vividly my memories that lead up to the shot and the moments leading out. some of them are awesome stories, and some of them are boring but as long as there is a story, it makes a good photo. i feel that as of late, there has been a bunch of people that just go out and copy shots just for the sake of having that photo from that location on their instagram feed. it's become such a pissing contest that people don't value the time it took for certain people to get that shot. some people like myself spend some time in considering all the factors to each location in order to really get the best of a photo opportunity. i really lose respect for people that are just hitting up every spot they see on other peoples feed and i got a squad of fellow shooters behind me on this one. come on people, explore.. don't follow footsteps, create your own path. that's what it's all about it.