I find myself learning much about life in my attempts to teach him about it. people often mention the terrible two's or three's but man, those days were a walk in the park. i actually miss him being that young and tiny. i think when kids start aging after 5, they really begin to build strong... very strong characteristics that they will carry on for the rest of their lives and that is why its super important to really grow with them. I constantly try and raise my kid to appreciate the little things life has to offer outside of the iPod or TV screen. my childhood, i spent a lot of time playing sega genesis but definitely not more than i spent outside riding around on my bike, have grass turd fights, wrestling matches, basketball, destroying hornets nest with super soakers and running for your life as soon as you see the nest fall from its last thread and smash onto the ground into a million pieces with pissed off hornets on a mission to bury that ass needles into your skin.. Yea, my childhood was pretty much full of good stories that we made, not what apps and video games make for us. it's our responsibility to take our kids out and show them because we can't let our kids run free anymore. too many creeps and crazies running around so why not be there and make memories with them?