i bought these boots about 3 years ago, I think.. Maybe longer but they were at Macy's right after the black friday sale and i just happened to come across them in the clearance racks. You know, where theres a ton of cheapskates rummaging through the huge mess of shoes all over the racks. I picked them up for $30. you can't beat a pair of cognac leather boots by Ken cole for that price. 

I definitely put some miles on them while hiking and they were some tough boots but i finally decided to put them aside for a while. I found them tonight in the corner of the room covered in dust and dirt. I had just picked up a bottle of leather cleaner for my other boots and decided to put in some labor on these and man.. the super soft feel of worn-in aged leather with all the battles scars these boots have endured were all characteristics of the perfect boot. these boots have made it back into my daily wears.