nothin new. i am always trying to find new ways to make a photo look different. it can be the same photo that i have already edited, but i will revisit the photo and challenge myself to create a completely new mood for it. i don't have a specific style per say, i just do what i feel when i feel and i think that's the beauty of being a creative that doesn't really give a fuck. so many people these days are out to impress by imitating trends. it's all garbage to me. art should be a life learning process that we all should be passionate about. we learn so much from pushing self boundaries creatively, and it's something i feel strongly about. what really are you learning from imitating someone else's work or style of work? how are you growing from it? everyone is too concerned about numbers of followers. a friend and i spoke last night and we discussed how it's gotten so bad that its becoming the number of followers you have that defines you as a creative. it's fucked up really. if you aren't creating for yourself, then you shouldn't be here. there's people out there who are putting in mad work to really leave something behind, and then there's these people who just want to eat off them and ruin everything. take today to ask yourself.. who you are as a creative and what does your work mean to you?