shit like this is like a jungle gym for big kids. and i say big kids because i feel like you have to still have that kid mentality to really enjoy and have fun doing this shit. i mean, think about.. when you were a kid and you had a huge jungle gym in front of you, you wasn't scared of it. you never thought that you could fall off the side and bust your head open on wood chips and bleed out and die. you never thought that you could dislocate your shoulder from the monkey bars and tear your arm off and fall to your death. you never thought that you could get stuck somewhere too high off the ground and pee your pants. same concept, kinda. don't be scared. you just go through with it and have the fuckin time of your life. I'm not a little kid any more, i have a lot more to risk and a lot more to lose, but i can't help that this type of shit still excites me.