one of the challenges these days is trying to not only trying to get a good shot, but to get a good shot that is unique and that isn't like the rest. with the huge growing numbers of people with cameras these days, we see a lot of the same photos, from the same locations, with the same angles... it's bound to happen. these are challenges that makes going out, exploring and shooting fun. getting to different vantage points for a different views, a different perspective. it gets old seeing the same shit over and over again, but i get it. as someone new to the spot, you want to take a good photo. what better photo than an already established good photo, right? wrong. challenge yourself to not repeat, challenge yourself to create something new and of your own. i've been to quite a few popular spots that are often visited but i do my best to try and share my perspective with you all. here is nikk, the fearless. the perfect subject for my photo, for this post.