stoked to show you guys what i've been working on lately. this is a small preview of the fw002 lookbook that i shot as part of our next campaign. it features two of our next releases in the following weeks. it was dope putting this together cause it really posed a challenge. it is sometimes tough to create something original when we are constantly exposed to other peoples work. even if your intentions are not there, you sometimes find yourself unconsciously inspiring from some other work or style. i did my very best to stray away from everything and do little to no planning at all for this shoot. we woke up at 7 in the morning, met up with my boy and started our way into a small hike. it was fresh, it was original. it was early so that helped to really have a clean slate creatively. it allowed me to really observe and take in my surroundings and see what worked and what didn't. in the end, i am super happy with the final product. head on over to mighty killers website and check the full set lookbook for yourself. cheers

mighty killers fw002 lookbook