yesterday we held the second Mighty Killers explore meet at rodeo beach in sausalito. i don't think I will ever not be shocked or not be amazed at the amount of people that show up. especially with how cold and windy it was, and the sun didn't even want to peek out once the entire meet, everyone stuck around and chilled with us and explored with us. the amount of gratitude i have for the people who came out, the hosts and this community is on another level. so many people came up to me or wrote me, "thank you for putting together this meet" and i'm just like.. blown away. it's all of you that I need to thank for continually inspiring me and motivating me and my team to push. without y'all, there aint no MKEXPLORE. i am so blessed to have such a strong group of creatives supporting this meet. i can not wait until we start preparing for the next meet. sign up for our newsletter at Mighty Killers website to be notified any news about the next meet when we have it. cheers