these past couple of weeks, the weather definitely took a sharp left turn. it was nice and sunny for a while, not too cold and still felt nice out while in a hoodie. then the storm came and dumped mad water on us and put us in a fridge. I'm not complaining though, i enjoy the cold, a lot. definitely just a sudden change. what's crazy is is that last week, they declared a rain day across most of all Bay Area schools.. in my 26 years of living, i have never heard of a rain day. I've had plenty of snow days back in the midwest, but never ever a rain day. never thought that existed and definitely never thought i was live to witness one. i was honestly kind of excited to witness a rain day.. i was expecting flooding everywhere but it was wack. the downpour wasn't even serious, i didn't even get to see huge puddles or streams or anything. last night was a different story. we got caught in the downpour in san francisco right at 5pm so it took us a good 2 hours to get back home. felt like god kept dumping buckets of water on top of our car. it was crazy though cause you see huge puddles and streams of water in the streets. even the treasure island tunnel was looking pretty sketch with the water build up. lets flood out the drought.