i can't believe christmas is 4 days away. time could not have gotten by any faster than it already has. there's just been so much going on this month and i haven't even gotten to chance to really sit and think about christmas, a shame. christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays, typical. which is why i am disappointed in myself that i had not given much thought to the idea of christmas and preparing for christmas as i would have liked to. i mean, we went out and got a tree, decorated it and all but i still feel like the spirit isn't there. i hadn't even gotten anybody gifts yet until today. Saturday. The Saturday right before Christmas. The worst day to shop. How could I be so stupid to have even considered going out to shop for gifts on the saturday before christmas?! it was the most stressful thing ever sharing the road with holiday shoppers. it was crazy, too crazy. but at the end of the day, once I got a couple of gifts tucked away and hidden, i instantly feel a little bit better, like the christmas spirit is slowly making its way.