there is this one time i remember very clearly. it was when i was on a cruise with my family in the middle of the caribbean. I was out on the deck late at night walking around with my brother and i had stopped and leaned against the rail and hung over the rail and just stared. i typically don't get scared of anything, and I don't mean the type of scare where someone with a mask pops out at you and makes you jump. I am talking about fear. I don't typically feel fear. But at that moment, i did and it was frightening. the fact that you're hundreds of miles away from shore, without a light in sight. i think that complete darkness is what scared me most, i think that's probably the closest feeling to what death would be like.. utter darkness. the irony is that the ocean has always been so fascinating to me, yet it instills fear. maybe that's why i find it so interesting. this shot was at pacifica pier, and i was so stuck on how crazy these waves were. they would come crashing in, pounding the piers pillars. some vicious waves i tell you. i stood there, staring at them, roaring through, as i snap this photo. man, the ocean is something else.