Here is a perfect example of what time has felt like lately. I swear, one minute its October, the next minute we're days away from 2015. It's just the craziest couple months. Feel as if it's been nonstop, I am not even sure if I have got to really sit back and appreciate all the things that's happened in those couple months. It sucks cause i feel like i've missed out on a lot. As if I have been on autopilot, like Adam Sandler in Click. Where he's there, but not really there. Not that far gone but you catch my drift. I wish I could really have had more time to just soak in the time and enjoy every moment of it because no doubt, it's been very eventful and from what I remember, it's been fun and enjoyable, with my family and friends. It just feels all too bit compact. Christmas just passed and even that came at nascar speed. now news years? damn where has all the time gone.