you know those times when you're driving and you see these amazing views that you know would be an awesome photo but you just don't feel like stopping or you're not the driver so you end up with just a memory and the thought of, "dammit, i should've stopped." well when i go shoot with some of the guys, we stop every single time any of us see something that we want to photograph. it definitely makes our trips a lot longer but i felt it was always dope to document by taking photos along the way to your destination. from point a to point b, there is always something amazing to capture but a lot of people over look it because they are so focused on getting to point b. this shot was taken on our drive up to mt. tam when we all decided to pull over to soak in this view. for some reason, this photo really speaks to me. it really captured the moment and the feeling i cherish most about adventures, don't really know how to explain it. maybe one day i can figure out how to word it and share with you guys. till then, try and imagine.