somestimes moments like these never exist if you never capture them. some people wonder why i always have a camera with me and why i am always taking photos of everything. isn't it pretty self explanatory? taking photos is a way of freezing time. basically capturing a moment in time and creating a memory that lasts a long as the photo exists. some say they rather just keep a memory of a moment in their head but we all know that there are so many moments and memories you thought you would cherish forever simply fade away with age. i used to think that i had a great memory but as time went on, i started to forget a lot of things. sometimes, even something that happened a couple days ago which led me to start wanting to archive my life through photography. i have witnessed what seems an endless amount of breath-taking views in my life that i never got a chance to capture and i regret that. you have a faint memory of them but as far as the details, it just doesn't exist. i've used photography as a way to go back in time and relive a minute-specific point in time in my life. i encourage you all to do the same, your family and your kids will appreciate it.