Discovery Park

It's apparent that in my day in age, things have really changed in how kids are brought up and the things they do in their leisure time. For me growing up, as soon as I got home from school it was tossing my backpack in the house and hopping on my bike and just looking for things to do with my brother. We would always be outside just finding stuff to do for hours and hours until it was time for dinner, then we went home. Nowadays, the thought of letting your kids run off and play outside on their own is just scary. So much of the crazy shit you hear just really makes you want to shelter your kids. 

It's tough though. I will be one the admit that sometimes I do let my kid play Xbox or sit on his iTouch far too often because it's convenient and it keeps them busy while I get work done. However, I do feel its my responsibility to get him out of the house and play outdoors. There's just so much shit you can do and learn from from being outdoors. It was nice taking Jayce to the river today. It's the closest we're going to get to a beach living in Sacramento. Just watching him being a kid running around getting dirty, throwing rocks and picking up sticks was just awesome.