Haunted Old Pali Road

The Old Pali Road in Kailua is haunted. And not by just any old ghost. The road is home to a grotesque, half-faced phantom.

The spectre is said to be the wandering soul of a teenaged girl who was raped and killed, and whose body was left to decompose in the bushes along the desolate road. She was strangled using her most beloved toy--the jump rope she brought with her wherever she went. 

Visitors to the Old Pali Road report seeing the floating apparition of a young girl with long black hair, solemnly skipping rope as she floats down street. While this image is disturbing enough in and of itself, those who manage to look at the ghost’s face are truly in for a shock. According to eyewitnesses, her cheeks, nose, and mouth are completely non-existent. Yet her eyes remain not only intact, but wildly bulge out of their sockets. Her eyes are said to protrude this way because this is the how she appeared while being strangled in her last few terrifying moments on earth.

While this theory about the poor doomed girl’s ghost may explain the condition of her eyes, it does not say why is her lower face is gone. The reason for that, as the story goes, is that the before the girl’s body was discovered, scavenging animals had already found her and eaten away a portion of her face. 

Now she is doomed to wander forever on the Old Pali Road.

-Weird U.S.

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I don't find it surprising that there are so many haunted places in Hawaii. The islands are rich with history and it's always interesting to do some research on the places you go to or about to go to. We found this road called the Old Pali Road when we were on our way up to the Pali Lookout site and it was such a beautiful scenic drive. Despite the tragic story that took place here on this road, It was just such a dope drive. This road is practically out of commission to mainstream traffic as they have replaced its route with a freeway. Only people that come through here are people specifically looking for this road or the people who reside nearby.