Rainy Oahu Days

About 80% of our trip in Oahu, it was raining. It totally sucked because it just didn't feel like we were in Hawaii with all the rain. Especially since we decided to not rent a car this time around and to also stay a bit ways away from the main Waikiki strip, it meant that we had to walk everywhere or catch a cab. Despite the wet weather, it didn't stop us from enjoying the trip the best we could.. Of course, food was the main reason why our trip was well worth it. Here is a spot that is easily ranked on my top places to eat at in Waikiki. Marukame's cafeteria style restaurant serves the best Udon I have ever had. Not to mention, a regular bowl costs $5 and a large bowl costs $7.. You can't beat god-like Udon for that price.

After we ate, we wanted to walk over to the International Market, which has been one of Waikiki's staples for so many years. Come to find out, they recently shut down with plans to build a Saks Fifth.. That really sucks, to see a big name just come in and kick out all those people who hustled for so many years out of a tiny stand to make a living just so that they can build a damn department store. Shame.