shot to death is a phrase i hear often. not in terms of being put to death by gun shots, something a lot less violent. we often use this phrase by seeing the same photos, with the same angle, same everything.. over and over and over... and over again. i mean of course i have probably taken a photo in the same exact spot someone else has, that i know for sure. so that's why it's always a challenge to push yourself to not take the same exact shot and try to see things that other people  may have over looked. I'm always wandering off  trying to come across a good view for a photo opportunity. it's fun to me. to challenge yourself to shoot something else. That's not to say that i won't take photos of shit that everyone else takes, cause i will. i just would rather see a bunch of shit from other people that i've never seen before rather than seeing all these photos pop up on my instagram feed of the same repetitive locations, one after another, after another.