you know, as long as i have been taking photos, i've never once asked anyone how they edit their photos. which is why i am always hesitant to answer questions that many ask on that topic. what my settings are, what programs i use, how i post process, etc. I just don't really understand.. I mean I do but then i don't. i understand that you may be wanting to get the similar look from my photos. but i don't understand why you want to copy it? as a creative, don't you want your work, your style, to showcase you? your photos, or any work in matter, should be an extension of you and your creativity. to me, it's just one of those personal matters. I'm not being a dick by not answering, i'm trying to encourage everyone to just figure things out on their own, like i have. i have been taking photos for years now, and i am truly self taught. of course, shooting along side friends and such you learn a lot, you pick up a ton of knowledge so there is credit due to the people you shoot with. i love photography, and i love the entire process of it, but most of all, the learning process. what's the point in asking for a specific setting, or a specific style of post processing? you don't learn. in order for someone to truly master something, they need to be able to say that they have tested every single possible way of doing one thing. i've yet to master photography, i believe i never will. there is always something new to learn. to try. but i know that i am one step ahead of all of you who ask for hand outs because i took that extra step to just try things out on my own. trust me, you will appreciate photography so much more when you aren't trying to achieve someone else's style. that's why i switch up my style so often. it's because i am still learning, still teaching myself new things and still figuring things out. i just hope that you all understand where i am coming from and encourage yourself to do the same.