so theres this thing called "writer's block". it's apparently some imaginary wall that you hit, mentally, that prevents you from writing anything that makes any sense at all. i think we've all been through it.. you have to write a paper for class and you end up sitting in front of your computer on word, an hour passes and all you have is your name and date in the top right corner heading, and the blinking bar with not a damn word to start off the introduction. well that folks, is what we call "writer's block" but this shit right here... This was our block for the day. we hiked down this sketchy ass muddy cliff to get access to this beach and when we got to the bottom, there was a fat ass elephant blocking our only way onto the beach. it was peacefully sleeping so some of the guys were even thinking about jumping down and making a run for it but i've watched enough discovery channel to know not to fuck with them. we tried go around to the other side but come to find another one, damn. back up the cliff we go.