stopped by the vsco event in temescal alley in oakland last week with the guys. t'was a dope event, free doughnuts, coffee, tee shirt, and bunch of other goods. can't go wrong with doughnuts and coffee. as you can see below, potato feeling the same way about free doughnuts and coffee. but anyways, it's dope to see vsco get so huge in the short amount of time that they have been running. it's taken a huge leap along with instagram for sure. vsco has made it so easy for anybody to just throw on that film-esque look on any photo, from any camera. simply by adding filters. it's crazy, it used to be that in order for you to gain the film look, you had to shoot film. unless you were a pro at photoshop or lightroom, and you knew how to mimic that mood which I used to do when i didn't feel like shooting film. i mean its crazy though, it's tough to find a photo these days that do not have a filter slapped over them. but that's cool, it really gives everyone the challenge to rise above in order to stand out from the rest. shouts to vsco one more time, for the freebies and hosting a dope event.