traveling with wekfest has always been an experience. being able to witness this company and this car show grow in the past few years has been huge. a lot of the times you see the same cars but then there's times where you are completely blown away by the new ones. one of the things i enjoy most about these shows is just watching Elissa do her thing. she's always telling me how tired her face is from smiling all day with all the people she has to greet but its that will and spirit that i admire. i've seen her starve herself and neglect her bladder all for the sake of her supporters and fans. it's crazy to me how many of the same faces i see come to the show year after year to come visit Elissa, it doesn't surprise me however. i often see and hear people tell her how much of a role model she is and how much they look up to her. I can see why. she's a woman with a huge heart and always humbled by the people who take the time out for her. talk about a wcw. bam.