before heading out to hawaii, i had checked the forecast for the week we were staying and i was pretty disappointed with what i saw.. 1 day of sunshine and the rest... rain. so of course, on the only day of sun that we were supposed to get, we decided to make the most of it and start early on a hike to manoa falls. after a bit of research, this trail was supposed to be an easy hike but man, it whooped our ass. the humidity and heat had all to do with that. I'm typically used to the cold brisk coastal weather in northern california so this definitely took some getting used to. it was in the 80's with a bunch of inclines and it didn't help that it was super muddy from the rain the night before. nonetheless, we made it to the waterfall to find not much of a waterfall.. more like a small stream trickling down. the views were still as beautiful as they could get. found out they shot parts of jurassic park here too so it was pretty cool to know some of the scenes were right there in front of us. i would definitely suggest hitting this place up but make sure that the waterfall is flowing heavily before you start the hike. i would've enjoyed it way more if i got to see some more water coming down. mahalo.