its been, for a lack of better words, a shitty ass week. been feeling super under the weather, feeling weird and off everyday, and to top it off.. i recently dropped and broke my 24L lens. it was pretty tragic. i saw it fall in slow motion and smack on the ground and the lens broke right off the mount.. i just stood there and stared at it for a while before I even reacted. hopefully its something I can send in and get fixed but at this very moment, i have decided to hold off on getting it fixed.. or even getting a new lens. i've decided I am going to try and shoot only with a cheap FD manual lens that i have laying around. clarity sucks, aperture is locked wide open, very poor soft quality but i want to challenge myself to shoot with it. FD lenses are old canon film lenses. there is no autofocus, and the aperture adjustment does not work so its basically stuck wide open at f/2.8.. it's definitely going to be tough but i really want to try and see what I can do with it.