time is never on anyones side. the longer you spend sitting around, waiting for things to happen, procrastinating on doing, you're wasting your life away. precious moments are passing you by, but what's worse is that you don't even realize it. go out and make the most out of your day, everyday. trust me, you will feel a lot more accomplished at the end of each day. even if it's just going out and taking a drive somewhere, or just doing laundry. something, anything. on a whim, tagging along a camping trip to wyoming right now. 14+ hour drive is about to be brutal but the fact that i will be on the road and seeing and shooting shit i've never seen before is exciting. however, being away from my family for 4 days is bit much. I haven't been away from them for more than a day at most for a very long time... hopefully FaceTime will put me at ease for the time being.