after sitting in the car for over 14 hours, we finally got to wyoming only to find out that the roads leading into yellowstone national park was completely closed off to motor vehicles due to the snow. due to lack of preparation and research, we failed to notice on the website that it said just that... "roads will be closed off to motor vehicles until April." this is one of those times where being spontaneously adventurous does not work out. it was about 4:00AM around that time and we needed to decide what to do next, instead of feeling like we wasted over half of a day sitting in the car.. so we ended up driving back into idaho and head down south to henrys lake where we would hit sunrise just in time. so back on the road we go and hours later, we were able to watch the sun rise. i can't really explain how cold it was here, the lake was froze over, the wind chill was painful, it was super early in the morning and all of us we working off little, to no sleep at all so I'm sure our bodies weren't functioning properly to keep us warm. i began losing feeling to my fingers. got to the point where i couldn't even use the dial or hit the shutter button on my camera. so although this may seem like a complete defeat, perseverance saves. we continue on the road...