i gave in after sunrise and just passed out in the car. i think after freezing at the lake, getting into a toasty car just knocked me out as we continued our journey south. when i had woke, i saw that we were on the side of the road in winter wonderland. karl, our driver, was too tired to continue the drive so he pulled over and i am glad he did because it was snowing a good amount and it was just beautiful out. i guess i never really realized how much i missed and how much i loved snow. growing up in the midwest, it was always a huge pain in the ass because snow just made things that much harder to do. driving was always the worst. roads were maintained by the city with snow plows and such but when it came down, it came down. keeping the streets snow and ice free was always a challenge during heavy snow fall so there were always accidents and shit. but out here in the middle of nowhere, it was awesome. empty roads and just away from civilization, it seemed. it's peaceful to just stand out under the snow falling and hearing nothing.