music to me has always been a huge part of my creative process, my relief of stress, my motivation, just a huge part of my life in general. music always just helps. one of the things i enjoyed most about myspace or tumblr was that i was able to add music on there and usually it was a bunch of shit that i really enjoyed listening to at the moment. and it's crazy cause i've gotten so many messages from people asking me where they can download my playlist and i honestly never knew how to do all of that. i just put together music that really fueled my mood. ever since i kinda strayed away from the whole social aspect of desktop publishing, i kind of stopped searching for music. it just became way too much of a hassle and i honestly just did not have the time to sit on the computer for a couple hours hunting for good shit. i fell victim of listening to a lot of radio stuff, a lot of main stream and whatever really pandora picked out for me. sad because i really enjoyed finding music that not everyone was listening to. i know it's not a full playlist but i really want to just start providing some music to go along with my posts. i really want you to experience my photos, my entries and all that as much as you can so i will begin to post songs here and there for all of you to vibe out to while surfing. enjoy.