a while back, wayne had suggested hitting up marin side to catch a sunrise. although i contemplated this decision for a long long while, i finally just said fuck it and went. with many failed attempts to catch an good sunrise, i was a bit discouraged but of course, i had to keep trying until i got that epic one. so waking up at 5:30am, fighting morning bay area traffic to get to the location in time before the sun begins to peak we hit the worst case scenario... it was super foggy. not the good, low, dense blanket of fog either. the kind that covers everything and you can't see too much ahead of you so again.. another failed sunrise. had to make the best of the morning so we continued up the drive and got a few shots out. this was probably the only shot i got that i liked. was it worth waking up at 5:30am and driving about an hour to get to the location? no.

001 copy.jpg