i came across a few comments on my instagram a while back stating that i stole a shot from someone else or that i needed give credit to the person who originally took this shot. i sorta scratched my head at those comments. first, I'm not the type of person to look at someones photo and be like, "damn. i need to go to this exact spot, stand in that exact angle, take snap the photo at the exact time of day, with the exact composition." it's insulting a bit that some people can be so ignorant to the fact that, just because you see a photo for the first time from some popular photographer don't mean he's the first to do it. i generally arrive at locations with no intentions to take the same photo as anyone else. my mind is completely blank and that's when the fun and creative part of me kicks in.. I challenge myself to make the best out of what i have in front of me. that's what photography is isn't it? so when you claim i stole someone else's shot is insulting. but it's cool. it bothered me for a bit. now i'm over it.