after a long night drive, we finally reached Bryce canyons and you would not imagine how excited i was to finally get to the grounds, pitch a tent and just finally lay out and sleep. so we drove around the spaces looking for a open lot, one after another, after another. everything was taken. i was totally that asshole driving around peoples tents with my headlights on looking to see if the space was taken or not, I'm sure i woke up hella people. after countless laps around all of the camp sites, we finally gave up and decided to try and look elsewhere outside of the park. trust me, i was super tempted just to pull over anywhere and pitch the tent and sleep but the thought of getting cited for that just didn't seem too convincing. we ended up trying to find a hotel near by and even that was completely full. left with no choice, we just pulled into a random parking lot and slept in the car. we only have a couple hours before sunrise so we decided it couldn't be that bad. 

couple hours pass, legs are numb, neck is in pain, spine is pissed at me, but hey, i made it through the night. i woke up right when the sun started rising. i knew i didn't have much time so i quickly started up the car and started driving back into the park and hustled our way up to the top to catch sunrise. definitely worth it.

as much as we wanted to continue down into the canyons, we made the smart choice of heading back to the campgrounds and finding a space to pitch a tent so we could all just relax and take a power nap.. oh and eat of course.