i had one of the most terrifying nights in my life last night while sleeping in the tent. knowing that bears were now waking from their long hibernation, i knew the chances of a bear visiting us were there. as i am completely bundled into my mummy sleeping bag with just a tiny hole left over around my face, only enough to breathe, i woke in the middle of the night by something knocking at my feet. the way my legs were getting knocked back and forth, i for sure thought it was a bear. i was definitely scared. i did not move one muscle, i just laid there in complete darkness, trying to not make a sound or make any movement. i just laid there staring up at pitch black. it kept going on and on and i just laid there just hoping it would stop but i didn't want to move to grab the lantern to check. after some time, it stopped but i was still too scared to move to check so i just closed my eyes and hoped it was gone. 

come morning, i woke up. alive. and i looked around and everything was cool. the tent zippers were all sealed still, no traces of bears coming into the tent, unless it was kind enough to zip the tent after he left. however, i did find the other 3 guys, somehow at my feet. weird because we all fell asleep in each corner of the tent, and keep in mind we had a huge ass tent, but somehow, they all ended up near the center. i had told the guys what happen last night and how i thought a bear got into our tent and was knocking my feet.. come to find out, it was Spencer hitting my legs, thinking he was hitting Matt for snoring so loud. this moment quickly became one of those moments... fuck.

anyhow, as the other 2 guys kept sleeping, Spencer and i climbed up the hill right behind our camp ground and came across a gem. right up over the hill was the rim trail, with amazing views of the canyons. hopped around the tops and find some pretty cool views.