the utah salt flats is definitely a place that belongs in the fantasy world. what seemed like miles and miles of snow, was in fact salt. this place was amazing and i couldn't get enough of it. i've only heard of this place, seen some photos of it but never did i think that i was going to visit this surreal place. it was just a spot that we were driving past, about 2 hours out the way from where we were headed so we decided it was just one of those times where if we didn't go now, we would never go. we drove and drove and drove until we hit this vast land of salt. i read that this was an open area that allowed people to drive onto the surface. plenty of car commercials were actually shot out this way so of course we went off road and started swinging donuts... in a honda insight.. haha. we caught this the sunset just in time, it was crazy looking. looked like it was a scene from lord of the rings with the crazy colors and clouds floating above.