being that we landed in tokyo at 4:45am, we had no choice but to start our day then. our first order of business, was of course to eat. the shinigawa station is definitely one of my favorite train stations because it has a ton of good restaurants, and they have a porter store in there... Come on, a porter store inside a train station. definitely strategically placed. everyone who is traveling will stop in and think, "hey, i could use a new bag." especially in japan, their currency is way different than u.s. currency. there's a shit load of coins. so having some sort of coin pouch is necessary when in japan. keep that in mind. 
but back to the food! there's this stand up sushi spot that we go to all the time when we are here. don't even know the name of it, i just know where it is and what i want. you walk in, you're greeted, and asked to take a spot at the stand up bar. its self serve green tea, which is awesome by the way. a jar of matcha powder, tea cup, and a hot water spout right in front of you to get your drink yourself. you then just order whatever you want with the sushi master in front of you. you order it, he makes it, and puts it right in front of you. it's really that easy. none of that fancy unnecessary shit, its straight to the point. i've learned that good sushi is not about how fresh the fish is. you can pull a fish right out of the water, cut it open and eat it and that doesn't necessarily mean its good just because its fresh. the people who pick out the fish to serve really know their shit. the quality of the fish is what they look for, the fat factor and all that. this place honestly had some of the best tasting sushi i've ever had and not to mention, it's the cheapest. you get 2 pieces of bincho maguro for less than $2.00.. that's crazy. so you know when i go here, i order like crazy. I can't get enough of it.
after lunch, we had to take the bullet train to nagoya. off we go.