we arrived in nagoya and quickly greeted with humidity and heat. two of the things i hate most when traveling. for the fact that it makes you super uncomfortable when just walking from point a to point b. immediately covered in a layer of sweat, it just sucks. i love the cold, and i would much prefer freezing weather than being in the heat but enough with the complaints. we walked right across the street and checked in our bags and such since it was still a bit too early to check into our hotel. just explored around the area and took some photos. last year when we came out to nagoya, we were in the cuts. there was nothing around, nothing to really do. this time around, we stayed in central nagoya, and it was so much nicer than i had imagined. i think that's one of the things i enjoy most about traveling, being able to see and explore so many new things. you learn so much just by looking at the city's architecture, people, storefronts, signs, art, all of it.