Lately I have been feeling a huge disconnect from my sony a7. uninspired, unmotivated, just downright uninterested. After my return from Alaska, I was excited to sift through the photos, until I loaded all my photos into Lightroom and saw that I had over 3,000 photos to go through. Then excitement quickly turned into dread. I had realized that I had taken multiple shots of the same subject, over and over again in order to get the "perfect" shot. This is a problem that I feel that digital photography has created. It allows the user to shoot over, and over, and over again until they have nailed down that shot. That's great and all, especially in the commercial world but for me, it definitely started to take away from my passion in photography. I've always loved the anticipation of film photography for the fact that you don't know what you've got until you have completely finished your roll, which can be weeks or even months down the road. The element of surprise is what most gratifies, but I've found myself dependent on the instant gratification of digital photography. And that is what's caused me to put my digital camera up on the shelf for the past few months. in my digital hiatus, i've found myself DIVING BACK INTO FILM AGAIN. ONE THING I LOVE MOST ABOUT FILM IS THAT I DONT CONTINUOUSLY SHOOT THE SHIT OUT OF A SUBJECT, ITS ONE OR TWO SHOTS, THEN MOVE ON. THE PHOTOS I GET WILL BE A RESULT OF EXPERIENCE AND CONFIDENCE. SOMETIMES THEY TURN OUT THE WAY YOU WANTED, SOMETIMES THEY DON'T. BUT EVEN AT TIMES THAT THEY DON'T, it CAN REALLY SURPRISE YOU.

Kodak Portra 800