much has happened in the past couple of months, lots. one of the biggest changes was moving into a much smaller apartment with my family. now that i think of it, from my very first place on my own to living with my family, my "homes" have gotten smaller and smaller but i've realized that it's a good thing. with all the space that i had before, it only encouraged me to hoard and keep a bunch of shit that i really didnt need. i bought stuff, collected stuff, and never got rid of anything just because i had the space for it. i think after every move, i have gotten rid of so much junk that just took up space. things i just had a hard time of letting go, but for no apparent reason except for the typical hoarders excuse "i might need it when this happens" which rarely ever does. traveling to japan with my wife these past few years has really taught us a lot about simple living. japanese only have what they need, nothing excess. at first, we were of course at a lost but after a while, you begin to realize that you really can live off of only a few things in your home versus having everything for the sake of convenience. our little apartment now is still a work in progress and its a bit of a challenge being that we work from home, have an 8-year old child and expecting another in a few months.. most important, it's a happy home.

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