in case you guys missed out on the video I posted on my facebook on finding out what the gender of our new baby is, you can watch it here. fast forward, we had got a cake made for us by my wife's favorite bakery and inside the cake, was the reveal of the gender of our little one in the oven. we had a ton of cake left over, and it was up to us to finish it so every single night, we ended up chipping away at the cake until this night, we decided that it had to be gone or else it was going to be wasted. we huddled around the cake with forks and all went to work but we were still left with a lot of cake so my son decided to go ham and slam his face into the remainder of the cake and devoured it like a true caveman. it''s like he just discovered cake.

voigtlander r3m + cv nokton 40/1.4 on kodak portra 400