finally got around to sorting through this roll from the same Yosemite trip. this roll was shot on the fujifilm fujicolor 200. It's not that bad of a roll, especially considering the price. you can pick these up at just about anywhere, i got a pack of 4 rolls for only $10 from CVS, so I can't complain too much. it holds color very well, heavy on the blue side, great contrast but too much contrast for my personal taste. I like the very faded look which is why I won't use this film as my first choice. so if you see me shoot on this film, it's probably because I ran out of other films and I got desperate at CVS... anyhow, this was en route to glacier point, while making a stop at mirror lake. we came to mirror lake a few years ago, and hiked before sunrise to get here to only find that the lake was completely dry... we were literally walking in the middle of the lake, with no freakin clue that we had arrived to the lake already. so it was pretty awesome to come across and actually witness the lake this time around. awesome place, awesome reflections.

cv r3m + cv 40/1.4 nokton on fujifilm fujicolor 200