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I have a question about your photos. I'm fairly new to photography and I recently got a ae-1 program and I'm curious as to how you get the digital at such a good quality? I know some places do it for a fee but they sometimes have restrictions on their resolutions etc. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!    -Jose


congrats on your ae-1 program. I remember when I picked that camera up and I must say, it's definitely the camera i recommend to everyone who is just starting in 35mm film photography. as far as getting your film scanned, i let The Dark Room handle all of my film developing and scans. They give you resolution options; standard $11 (good for 3x5 prints and most of web-use), enhanced $15 (good for prints up to 11x14) and super $20 (good for large format printing). I honestly just stick with standard scans since most of my use for my film photos are for my blog and small prints. the good thing is that if i ever do decide that i want higher resolution scans or to print large format, i have the developed film in hand to do so. I have uploaded 2 photos to show you the difference between standard v. enhanced but the choice in film also has a lot to do with the quality.

enhanced - tmax100

standard - portra160

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