I think I've been to Hawaii around 6 or 7 times and not once have I ever caught the Milky Way out there. It's always bad timing; sky isn't clear enough, too much light pollution, wasn't the right season, list goes on with the amount of excuses I have for never catching it but I was finally able to catch it on a clear Summer night in Maui. Crazy thing was, I caught it just steps outside of our hotel which is something I could never do when staying in Oahu. The amount of light pollution from Waikiki is brutal. Definitely stoked to have gotten some decent shots of the milky way with palm trees, you can't really beat paradise like this... i've mentioned numerous times that there are only a handful of things in life that i find to put me in complete peaceful bliss; the sound of the ocean waves, driving late night with the windows rolled down, staring into a clear night sky in dead silence, and drinking coffee in freezing weather while waiting on sunrise (this was something I recently discovered).