dinosaur ate my lens adapter in jurassic park

I was lucky enough to hitch a last minute helicopter ride during my stay in Maui. the guys hit me up the day before and told me they had an open seat to fill and of course i wasn't going to pass that up. started early in the morning to get to the place and ended up catching a pretty gnarly sunrise, just wish i was up in in the sky already during prime time but next time, yea?

i remember sitting in the car before going in for check-in, contemplating which lenses to bring along with me because through experience, there really is no time or room to swap out lenses during a flight, especially since its such a short flight to begin with. you definitely do not want to miss a moment for the sake of switching lenses... i knew that we were going to be flying over a bunch of waterfalls and i really wanted to get up close to them so i decided to bring the canon 70-200/2.8L with me and also something wide, so i went with the voigtlander 12mm all paired with my ex-sony a72. so i was locked and loaded, ready to roll. the company was flying with a family of 4, so it was pretty tight in there. even though i got the window seat, being shoulder to shoulder next to a 6' dad didn't leave me much pivot room to shoot. if only they allowed doors off, that would have made it all perfect but they made it very very clear that they do not do that. trust me, i begged. views were breath-taking. as we got closer to the first set of waterfalls, i slowly wiggled to try and grab the 12mm to swap out and... fuck! I had forgot the adapter for it. pretty pissed because we kept flying super close to all of these falls and the widest i was able to go was 70mm.. smh. fucked up big time on this, so many shots i missed out on because i just didn't have the right lens. i shoulda stuck with my gut instinct and kept my voigtlander 21mm on and left the other lenses in the car. definitely a lesson learned, always check you have everything you need before you're stuck with equipment that's as good as dead. I did the best I could with what i had but i definitely want to revisit and fly again.